My Startup Dojo

Helping High School Students Build Real Businesses
"The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do"
- Steve Jobs

A Message from our Program Director

Hi! I am Anjalee.

I fell in love with entrepreneurship when I founded my first venture at 15-years-old. Before I graduated high school, I grew TechExplore to impact thousands of kids.

Before I even turned 16, TechExplore began being featured in prominent publications like the Toronto Star, and Thompson Reuters' HR Reporter. And, I was invited to speak at massive conferences like the AI World Forum, and a Google Conference held in Sunnyvale California and share my work.

I am thrilled to use my experiences as a student founder to help talented young people like you, unlock your potential. Through the dojo, our team of coaches, and luminaries help bright young people learn the skills they need to build successful businesses – before they graduate high school.

Meet A Few Students :)