How it Works

We give students the skills to become future leaders.

Personalized Coaching

Our team of coaches guide you through fun educational modules and challenges, guiding you as you develop your mindset and skillset. Using this toolbox, we support you as you develop big solutions to even bigger problems.

Access to Exclusive Luminaries

Startup Dojo Luminaries include CEOs who have run multi-million-dollar to billion-dollar companies, seasoned executives and top Business Professors.

Get exclusive access to these leading experts. They provide invaluable advice, mentorship, and feedback to students.

Meet some of Our Luminaries

Iterative Growth

Through Weekly Mastermind Sessions with a small cohort of ambitious teenpreneurs, we help you reach new milestones in your success. We help you understand how to turn your idea into a reality, week-by-week, through exclusive education, a supportive mastermind group, and coaching.