Student Ambassadors​

This group of young leaders share their journey through entrepreneurship

Jenny Zhu

In high school, Jenny co-founded Helisa, a medtech startup, that helped to streamline the proccess of health documentation. Jenny has also taken on Product Manager roles at REX, as well as Hong Kong based Prive Technologies. 

Now, Jenny is pursuing a double major in Business Management and Computer Science, Data Science and Economics, at MIT.

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Alex Cui

In 2017 Alex co-founded Whimmly, a chatbot platform for eCommerce. It helped a Fortune 500 company acheive 3x higher user engagement than the industry average with patent-pending NLP models.

He also built Open Mind to combat online misinformation and presented to NPR, Fox and CTV, Capitol Hill, Facebook, and Department of State


Alex authored the first accredited ML high school course in Canada, and is also an ex Uber ATG and Facebook ML intern. 

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Bo Hrytsak


Ukranian native who is now studying at Duke Kunshan University near Shanghai, China, Bo is the definition of international leadership. He has founded organizations like Avanti3d and MakeLabs. Through these organizations, he has helped develop 3D printing prosthetics for children in need, organized the first-ever Major League Hacking hackathon in Ukraine and more.

Jose Luis Sabau Fernandez,

Jose is a Stanford student with a passion for doing good. 

In high school, frustrated by the lack of access to reliable local news in his Cozumel, Jose founded his own newspaper, Oddin Noticias. By the end of his high school career, Jose grew it to become one of the largest Facebook news companies in the region.

Alexandra Roumeliotis​

Alexandra Roumeliotis has had a passion for technology since high school, when she created an application to diagnose her grandfather's rare brain disorder. Alexandra is also passionate about inspiring girls in technology, and runs a nonprofit called The Coding League that works to provide resources to middle-school aged youth. Currently, Alexandra is working on a venture that helps connect small businesses with college social media ambassadors. 

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