Meet Our Luminaries

An exclusive group of top CEOs, founders, and leading academics who are committed to supporting our students

Steve Woods, CTO of Benevity


Steve Woods is a serial entrepreneur who is a driving force in high-growth startups like Eloqua. As co-founder and CTO, Steve helped guide Eloqua to market leading position in Marketing Automation, through its IPO on the NASDAQ, and to its ultimate acquisition by Oracle for $957 million.


He is also co-founder and CTO of, a startup that was recently acquired by Affinity. is an autonomous deal intelligence layer for CRM that shows revenue leaders the risks and next steps in every deal in the pipeline.


Currently, Steve is CTO at Benevity, the leading global provider of corporate social responsibility and employee engagement software. 

Don Chapman,

CEO Advisor


Don Chapman has spent his career helping companies achieve unprecedented levels of achievement.


For 11 years, Don was President of Novell Canada. Here, he helped the company to achieve significant growth in areas like Linux and resource and infrastructure management.


He was also a Senior Executive at many other large corporations (like Corporate Software Canada, SHL, ComputeInnovations, IBM and more).


Presently, as a CEO Advisor, Don has helped many leadership teams grow revenue, reduce cost, reduce risk, and empower employees. 

Jason Braverman,

CTO of SkyX


Jason Braverman is the CTO at SkyX Systems, a company that is revolutionizing the way we manage long-range assets. SkyX integrates AI with custom-built drone systems to accumulate and analyze data on assets like pipelines, railways, and more.


The long-range capability of their drones enables them to collect comprehensive data on assets that would normally take humans days to check. And Jason, he’s the visionary technologist who is leading SkyX’s groundbreaking work.

Previously, Jason was CIO at Veridium (originally called Hoyos Labs) located at the Cambridge Innovation Center on the MIT. Here, he contributed to the further research and development of mobile authentication using advanced forms of biometric technology.

Joel Lessem, CEO of Firmex


Joel Lessem is the CEO and Founder of Firmex, an industry leader in the virtual data room software category. Under his leadership, Firmex has delivered double-digit growth, profit, and IRR since its inception.


Today, tens of thousands of organizations in 66 countries use Firmex's VDR SaaS software. With Joel at the helm, Firmex is rapidly becoming a standard for sharing large volumes of highly confidential documents.

Previously, Joel was President of Crescent Logic, a research software, and web development services company. Clients included GMP Securities, Caldwell Partners, TSX and Sun Life Insurance.

Dr. Saikat Chaudhuri, Director at Mack Institute + Wharton Professor

Dr. Saikat Chaudhuri is the Executive Director of the Mack Institute for Innovation Management, as well as a Professor at the Wharton School of Business. As Director of the Mack Institute, Dr. Chaudhuri advises leading global corporations and governments. Much of his research has focused on understanding operational drivers in innovation-focused acquisitions, and investigating the implications of R&D outsourcing projects. 

Dr. Chaudhuri received his BS and BSE from the University of Pennsylvania. He then received his Masters from Stanford and PHD from Harvard.