How is Startup Dojo structured?

As students progress through the program, they earn new belts. At each belt level, students focus on learning new life and business skills (from managing a personal calendar, to learning how to do market research).

How much does it cost?

The program costs $149 / month. Our goal is to help as many talented students as possible. We understand that everyone is coming from a different financial situtation. So, we are happy to give out need-based financial aid to admitted students.

How often are sessions?

Sessions are weekly.

What will my child get from this?

Expected Program Outcomes over the first 12-18 months: Problem Solving Skills

  • Learn how to 1) identify the problems the student is passionate about and 2) actively seek out answers.
  • How to break down a large problem into smaller pieces.
  • How to think about designing and engineering solutions.
Other Life Skills
  • Time Management: How to structure large goals into smaller more manageable pieces and set deadlines for yourself.
  • How to debug your approach / mindset to be maximally effective
Business Skills
  • How to develop a business plan
  • Identify product-market fit
  • Develop an effective pitch
  • How to iterate on an idea using mentor feedback
  • Prototype your ideas and build MVPs (Minimal Viable Product)
  • Build your solutions and take them to market
  • How to set up an online presence through platforms like LinkedIn and/or a personal website
  • How to cold-call and cold-email experts
Advanced Goals
  • Get speaking opportunities where they can network, and grow their personal / company brand
  • Get paying customers for their business
Note: What each student gets out of the program will differ depending on their passions and level of commitment

What is the purpose of Startup Dojo?

The 21st century will belong to those who know how to bring their own visions to life; the dreamers and the doers of the world. Unfortunately, the school system does nothing to prepare students for this reality. It trains kids to listen and comply rather than to question and invent. Startup Dojo, a supportive global ecosystem for the dreamers of the world, is bridging this gap. Through coaching sessions, meetings with Luminaries, and more, Startup Dojo gives young students the confidence to pursue their passions and develop big solutions to even bigger problems.



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