Entrepreneurial Skills are Leadership Skills

We give students the skills to become future leaders.

Personalized Coaching

Our team of coaches guide you through fun educational modules and challenges, guiding you as you develop your mindset and skillset. Using this toolbox, we support you as you develop big solutions to even bigger problems.

Access to Exclusive Luminaries

Startup Dojo Luminaries include Ivy-League Professors and leaders who have run multi-million-dollar to billion-dollar companies.​

Get exclusive access to these leading experts. They provide invaluable advice, mentorship, and feedback to students.

Project-Based Problem Solving

The world favours those who can think creatively and problem-solve on their feet. So, we teach students how to discover, and break down problems. That way, you wil be equipped to develop innovative solutions that work.​

We teach problem-solving through a series of interest-based projects. We coach students through the entire proccess.

Real World Skills

In addition to problem-solving, students also learn: ​

  • Business Fundamentals (how to develop a business plan, calculate unit-economics, etc)
  • Time Management
  • Growth Mindset
  • Networking

See FAQ for full list